7 Tips For A single Mother to Raise Happy Kids: Single Parent Guide


Single parenting has been now an integral part of society which has changed the dynamics of families in community. However, parenting is always parenting and it is all about being composed and happy to care enough for your kids while raising them. Reasons could be different whether a single mother is divorced, widow or any personal decision. Regardless the reasons, it is really challenging for single parent or single mother to raise their kids. Here are some insightful tips which can help to raise happy kids.

  1. Scheduling and routines

Developing a structure and pattern in your living style will help to manage yourself as well as your kids. Make schedules and routines for your daily works where you know what to expect on a certain time. Being planned for everything and predictable towards upcoming events, you will feel much more confident and happy. Mark time-zones for some quality time, bedtimes, breakfast and watching television for your kids.

  1. Spend quality time with your kids

Very basic but often get compromised is the quality time you spend with your kids. Try to never miss out the fun, constructive and quality time with your kids on regular basis. Also, put efforts to create an open environment so they share everything with you.

  1. Give tons of love, attention & praise

It is not just about spending time with them but also to develop a relationship, stronger bond. Kids need attention; they also love it just like praising which boost their morale and confidence to do better. Sharing lots of love and attention, you develop trust which is most important aspect with parenting.

  1. Participate & Indulge

Best way to remain connected with your kids and also having some surveillance on them in building age is indulging what they like. Understanding their fondness and dislike and be part of it. If something wrong, teach them along way.

  1. Teach them gratitude

You need to teach them how to be polite and be appreciating for what they have and not others. Help them in their personal stuff like if they want to gift someone or if they want to make friends or have some crush. Keep showing them your love by gifting them good stuff, not necessarily expensive just what they like and what they need.  You can also buy some great clothes for kids and babies from Smallable. Get them out and teach to be thankful to other people as well.

  1. Appreciate & Motivate

It is very important to appreciate them when they do anything to add up or valuable or even when they try. This will motivate them to do greater things in life and even develop a positive mind and attitude for life long. Work on their skills or talent they have.

  1. Connect with similar other families

It is great for you and your kids to get along with similar families like yours. First, it will give you some will power and enthusiasm to be better at it and keep going. Also helps kids to have friends in the childhood and most importantly, they know there are other single parents as well.



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